Player Experience

You can see every game you have ever played on Tabletopia in the “Experience” row in your profile. In the upper left corner you can see your total playtime and a rank in every game. If you have played less than two plays, you are ranked as “Beginner”. If you have played between two to five times, you become an “Expert”. If you play even more, you move to “Veteran”.

Note: A “play” is based on the average playtime for the particular game. For example, if the average game of Calico takes 38 minutes, you will need to have logged 76 minutes of playtime to have “2 plays” (regardless of how many game rooms/sessions you have joined). Tabletopia detects when you are inactive from a game, so leaving your screen open and walking away won’t help you boost your playtime!

On every game page you can see the Leaderboard in the left column: these are the most experienced players ranked by playtime. You can switch to the “Month” tab to see only those who played the game in the last thirty days. If any of your friends have played the game, you will see a “Friends” tab to view their playtime.

If you hover the mouse over any player in the Leaderboard, you will see a message icon to send them a message (for example, to suggest playing this game) and a star icon to add them to your friends list. Also you can see which languages the person speaks if they provided this information in their profile.

Abuse of the messaging system will not be tolerated, and Tabletopia reserves the right to suspend any account harassing other users.

If you click “More” below the leaderboard, you will go to the full page for that game.

If you do not wish to be seen in leaderboards, go to your Profile -> Manage Account -> untick “Display my profile on Leaderboards”.