Objects Grouping

Objects grouping functionality lets you select multiple objects of the same type or group and “glue” them together. After being grouped, the objects behave as a single object unless you ungroup them. Grouping functions with the tile, token, card, game piece, counter, & picture counter objects.

To group multiple objects of the same type (tile, token, card, game piece, counter, picture counter):

  • Hold “Shift” and select all the objects you want to group one by one
  • Right-click any of them > Group

To ungroup previously grouped objects:

  • Select the group
  • Right-click > Ungroup

Objects grouping can be used for different purposes. In some games, components must be assembled together at certain moments of gameplay. For example, in Argent: the Consortium players can acquire miniatures of different colors representing their unique abilities. To mark ownership of a miniature, they attach them to bases of their player color. If a miniature and a base are grouped together, they become a single object just like in real life:

In Dwellings of Eldervale, buildings are built by attaching a roof to a meeple already placed on the game board. By grouping them together, you will make sure that the building will stay connected until the end of the game.


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