Tabletopia Player Plans

The standard Tabletopia plans are purchased on a monthly basis on or Steam. There is a free plan (Bronze) and two plans that are available for a fee (Silver and Gold).

If you want to know about Tabletopia account on Steam – read Connecting Accounts on Tabletopia with Steam.

Viewing Your Plan

To see your current player plan, go to your Profile on Tabletopia.

To see details of your plan, hover the cursor over the “?” next to the plan name. You will get full information on the features you have now for the plan you select.

Plan Features and Options

Player plans give access to various Playground features and options respectively.

See below for features of various player plans available:

Premium player plans give you full access to the most demanded board games.

There are 100+ premium games and several hundreds premium setups in free games (for example, setups for maximum player counts or including expansions).

With the Silver plan you will be able to play premium games, while the Gold plan allows you to invite players with Bronze plan or unregistered users (guests) to all your games.

Moreover, with a Premium account, you can simultaneously keep open up to 6 (Silver) or up to 10 (Gold) gaming sessions and come back to your games at any time. Your gaming sessions will be kept within 30 days after you leave the room – you can come back any time and finish the game.

Also only players with premium plans can use a Video Chat (at least one of players in game need to have Premium to use it). Read more about Video chat.

Managing Your Plan

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any moment.

To upgrade your Bronze plan:

1.Go to your Profile on

2.Click Upgrade next to the plan name. A window will appear where you will be able to upgrade to a premium plan and proceed to the payment form.

To downgrade your Premium (Silver or Gold) plan:

1.Go to your Profile on

2.Click Manage next to the plan name. A window will appear where you will be able to switch to the Bronze plan to cancel your subscription.

Note: If you downgrade your premium plan and cancel your subscription, you will keep the remaining premium time. Your subscription will simply not renew for the next month.

For example, if you subscribe to the Gold account on 14/09 and cancel your subscription on 20/09, you will have your Gold features up until 14/10.

Very important! If you have any game rooms open with Silver or Gold plans and then cancel the subscription/downgrade your plan to Bronze – you and other players will still be able to play those games! However, you won’t be able to start any new games until you close the number of rooms that brings you under your new plan’s limit.

For example, if you subscribe to a Gold plan while you have 8 game rooms open and then downgrade to a Silver plan, you may continue to play your 8 open games, but may not open any new rooms until you close 3 rooms.

Free Trial

If you are new to Tabletopia, you can try our Premium plans for free – go to your Profile on Tabletopia and click Upgrade or click on the homepage.

You will see the following:

Choose the Plan (Silver or Gold), click Upgrade, enter your card information, and you will get a free week access to the chosen Premium plan.

After the free week is over, a monthly payment will be charged.

You can cancel your subscription at any time in your profile (Manage button).

Subscribing via Steam

If you subscribed via Steam, you cannot cancel the subscription via Tabletopia website.

You can read more about managing your subscription via Steam here.

Note that Steam subscriptions are managed according to Steam terms of use.

Also read Connecting Accounts on Tabletopia with Steam.