Customizing Sounds

Why Customize Sounds?

Sounds may be very important when you are creating an object. You can create a unique environment for your game with different sounds and music theme. Of course you can keep default sounds, but custom sounds may become a specific feature that will make your game really successful and popular on the portal.

Customizing Sounds

You can customize various sounds for the objects used in the game.

customize-soundsTo customize sounds:

  1. Select the required object in the ‘My’ catalog or in the Objects catalog > Edit.
  2. Click Customize Sounds in the Edit Object window.
  3. Click upload and upload a .mp3, .ogg or .wav file for each option you want to customize. To listen the sounds, click Play.
  4. Click Publish.

Where Can I Find Sounds?

Basically you can create the required sounds yourself. Or you can hire some third party to make them, but that could be expensive.

Another option is to use one of the sounds libraries:

Make sure to mention the author of the sound in credits. See How to fill in an object form for details on adding credits.

If you need a free audio editing software, try to edit and adapt the downloaded sounds.