Making a Game Video

Why Make a Video?

A video made on Tabletopia can serve various purposes:

  • Share your game experience with friends.
  • Record a promo video for your game.
  • Record a tutorial for your game.

Which Software to Use?

It depends on the OS you are using and the video card installed in your computer.

  • With Nvidia video card and Windows OS we advise using Shadowplay. It is easy to use and doesn’t consume a lot of resources. With other cards we recommend OBS (free) or d3dGear ($35).
  • If you have MacOS you can use Quicktime Record for that, it’s free and pre-installed in your system already.

What About Streaming?

There are lot of different solutions and services, like Twitch and Hitbox. See a good tutorial on YouTube.

Controlling Camera while Capturing Video

camer-actionsYou can use all camera controls available, see Interacting with Game Components.

We especially receommend saving several camera positions and then switching between them during the video recording. To save a camera position:

  • Press Shift + number key, or
  • right-click > Set camera view > select a number.

To move to a previously saved position, press the predefined number key. Also note that you can set camera speed by pressing Home and End keys, so you may create cutscenes.