Crowdfunding with Tabletopia

Adding your game to Tabletopia has multiple advantages including playtesting, demonstrating, marketing, and monetization. It can also greatly help with funding during a crowdfunding campaign, after the game is released, and long into its future. Letting backers try your game before committing to the project ensures buy-in from launch day, with a ready built audience long into the life cycle of each project.

Using our Kickstarter promotional option means our team will:

  • Build your prototype into a predefined set up (or series of setups) on Tabletopia.
  • Work with you to test the setup(s) and make any changes necessary before launch.
  • Launch the game on Tabletopia in sync with your timelines enabling backers to play the game for free!
  • Promote your project to our core audience of 2 million players before and during your campaign. (This figure does not include ‘guest’ players which potentially increases backer reach by an additional 0.5 million)
  • Offer all your backers a free 2 month premium access code to Tabletopia.
  • Possibility to upgrade your game to premium version (discussing indiviually) allowing you to further monetize and collect funds with the project long into the future (Tabletopia offer publishers 70/30 revenue split quarterly)

Our crowdfunding promotional package costs just $500 (invoiced after successful funding). If your project doesn’t successfully fund we will not invoice any fee! None! Zero! Nothing!

For further details keep reading, or contact us for more.

Import Your Game with Our Team.

Illustration of Two Businessmen Shaking Hands Flat Circle IconImporting your game with the help of Tabletopia team means you spend more time working on your project, and our team can focus on supporting you with building and promotion!

  • The game will be added by professionals with maximum usability and ergonomics in mind.
  • The graphics will be optimized in the best possible way. The game will look just like in real life.
  • We will use premium features and objects for your game usually available to Pro users only: including surfaces, 3D objects, sounds, etc. wherever needed.

What Do I Need To Provide?

customize_iconTo add your game to Tabletopia, we ask you to send the following materials and files:

  • Graphic files for all game components:
    • Required resolution: Minimum 10 pixels for 1 mm of the size of the real object. 
    • Required format: Any graphics format, JPEG and PDF preferably.
    • 3D requirements: If you use 3D models, see Game Piece for full requirements. Also, note that games with 3D miniatures may take more time.
  • Game rulebook in PDF format.
  • Flat game box image (top and sides).
  • Image of the game in progress (optional, for reference purposes).

You can use any file sharing service you prefer: Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer, etc.

How Long Does It Take?

The time required to add each game varies and depends on the complexity of the game. However, it will take 
2-3 weeks maximum to import almost any game. Note that games with 3D miniatures will take more time and will be discussed individually.

If you need to add your game under a rushed time-frame, contact us at for possible solutions. 

What Happens After The Build Stage?

trophy-award-iconAfter the game is ready, our team will email links for you to review and test providing the opportunity to send us feedback on changes. Once those are complete and you’re happy with the result we will set the game availability status on your confirmation.

  • Free: This is the standard option for most crowdfunding games as they are generally WIP games with prototype components. This setting ensures that all players on Tabletopia will be able to access your game to evaluate it during your campaign free of charge!
  • Premium. If your prototype is much further along development you may wish to select this option. Premium games on Tabletopia require a paid subscription to access, and as such you will be eligible for monetization. As part of the crowdfunding promotion all your backers will be offered a 2 month premium code, therefore even after project completion they can still access the game for a further month. If you would like additional time, please contact us to discuss. Additionally, you can update your game several months after successful funding to premium, for further monetization. 

How Else Does Tabletopia Help?

During your campaign run-time we will include promotional information to our player audience on Tabletopia (this includes social media, email and website news promotion).

We will send one promotional email to our player base. If you need additional promotion please contact us to discuss.

Here are some stats to help explore this potential audience for your project:

  • 2 million registered players (Guest players add approx. 0.5 million)
  • Average of 10k to 14k new players registered per month.
  • 360k followers across social media platforms.
  • Free access to your game during campaign (and after if required).
  • Dedicated support team with decades of board game experience.
  • Zero fee if your project doe not reach its funding goal!

Great! How Do I Start?


  1. Send us an email to including game rules with components list.
  2. We will start a preliminary free assessment of the game and possibility of importing it to Tabletopia. At this stage we will highlight any potential issues and discuss with you.
    Note that some games and/or mechanics cannot be implemented directly, and in such cases we will suggest ways of adapting the game to the platform.
  3. If the game can be implemented, we’ll confirm this via email.
  4. The team will then work on your setup and discuss additional actions with you (launch dates, project plans, timing, etc.)
  5. On project success we will send a single invoice payable within 30 days (remember, if your project isn’t successful, we will not issue any invoice! We will also reach out to you and discuss how to improve the project, and hopefully relaunch at a later date).

Get in touch with us now to discuss your Kickstarter project!