Tabletopia Pricing: Subscription Plans

Tabletopia is free-to-play with monthly subscription plans available in the Steam and browser versions.

About Tabletopia Plans

The standard Tabletopia plans are purchased on a monthly basis on or Steam. Some plans are free and some are available for a fee:

  • For players: Bronze, Silver, or Gold
  • For designers: Basic, Advanced, or Pro

Regardless of which player/designer plan you purchase, you will get access to two plans: one player and one designer, since the free Bronze (player) and Basic (designer) plans are included with all Tabletopia accounts.

For example, when purchasing the Silver player plan, the existing Basic designer plan is applied automatically. Or when creating a free account, you get Bronze and Basic plans for free.

Viewing Your Plan

new-plans-profileTo see your current player and designer plans, go to your Profile on Tabletopia. 

To see details of each of your plans, hover the cursor over the “?” next to the plan name. You will get full information on the features you have for the plan you select.

Please note, if you have a subscription via the Steam application, it cannot be managed from the Tabletopia interface. Read more about managing subscriptions via Steam here.

Managing Your Plan

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time.

To manage your plan,

  1. Go to your Profile on or in Steam.
  2. Click Upgrade/Manage next to the plan name. A window will appear where you will be able to switch to the basic plan to cancel your subscription or upgrade to a premium plan and proceed to the payment form.

Note: If you cancel your subscription, you will keep the remaining premium time. For designer plans, your games will remain on the platform even after your premium expires.  Your subscription will simply not renew for the next month.

For example, if you subscribe to the Gold account on 14/09 and cancel your subscription on 20/09, you will have you Gold features up until 14/10.


Plan Features and Options

Player and designer plans give access to various Playground and Workshop features and options respectively.

See below for features of various player plans available:

See below for features of various designer plans available:

FOR DESIGNERS: If you don’t have enough time to import your game, the Tabletopia team can help you with that. See: How to Import Your Game with Help of Tabletopia Team.

Subscribing via Steam

If you subscribed via Steam, you cannot cancel it via the Tabletopia website.

More about managing subscriptions via Steam here.

Note that Steam subscriptions are managed according to Steam terms of use.

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